Shipping Timelines for Bridal

Are you still in the midst of planning your wedding gown, bridesmaids, mothers' dresses, and/or accessories? We would like to give you a couple tips in order to help you make sure you're leaving enough time for each process, as it often takes longer for products to arrive than brides originally expect. 

Wedding Gowns

Arguably the most important aspect for a wedding, the bridal gown is one of the most important purchases during the whole wedding process. Some brides come in knowing exactly what they want, some need to try various styles to narrow in on what they love, but regardless of the bride and her process, timing can be a huge factor in making a brides dream come true. 

To the surprise of many brides, wedding gowns can take anywhere from 4-6 months to arrive at the store of purchase, and that is considered good timing. During busy seasons, or seasons where factories close for holidays, etc, we can project that it may even take a few extra months. This is because wedding gowns are made from scratch, with just a pattern and fabric. Also, not only do the factories manufacture for bridal shops in Ontario, but they likely manufacture for any store that carries the specific line. This means there could be hundreds of stores, with thousands of gowns on order at any one time from each factory. Another thing to consider is the mode of transportation with which the gown will be delivered. Due to weather, this can also cause delays in delivery.

With all this in mind, although we expect to receive gowns sooner than later, we give the time frame as listed due to the fact that it can and has taken the full length for a gown to arrive. This also allows time in the case that a gown arrives to the Canadian Distributor in a condition which we do not accept, and corrections have to be made. 

Bridesmaids and Mothers'

As we look at bridesmaids and Mother's dresses, it is important to consider everything listed above. All guidelines about shipping and possible delays are still accurate. The only main difference with these dresses are the projected shipping timelines. Typically with bridesmaids and mothers' gowns, dresses take around 3-4 months to arrive. This is because the dresses are traditionally more straight forward and easier to make, which allows for a higher volume in a shorter time frame. 

Although this is the case, during the busy time of year, we have seen bridesmaids and mothers' dresses take nearly 5 months. Again, this is due to high traffic as everyone is preparing for the next wedding season. 


Another surprise to most brides and her party is the time length the average accessory takes to arrive in the store. Identical to the bridesmaids and mothers' dresses, accessories also can take anywhere from 3-4 months. Some accessories are custom made and some have to get shipped a distance, which are both factors this time frame allows for. As we want to ensure that each bride gets the accessories she loves, we highly recommend that brides look for their accessories early, when looking for their gown. This way they can be sure to order their favourites in a timely manor, as well as have it early enough to see the whole picture together, before her brig day.

Accessories can include: belt, veil, tiara, hair clip, shoes, jewelry... etc.

Having given this information, we would like to ask that you keep in mind the approximate shipping times when you are planning your purchase period. These times are standard and given to the stores straight from the manufacturer, so each store will have the same time frame, whether that information is shared or not. Please don't let other shops lead you to believe sooner dates, as these promises have left brides in a bind in the past, and we don't want that to be you.

If you have a close wedding, there are ways around these shipping timelines, in regards to rushes, etc... but this isn't always the case. This depends on the manufacturer, as well as sometimes the style of the gown. When purchasing your wedding gown, also keep in mind alteration time, as during the busy wedding season, seamstresses can get booked up quickly. Upon purchasing with Taylor's, we will give you all the information we have in order to make sure your gown arrives in a timely manor, and you have time for alterations to be completed.

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