Gown Tips For The Nervous Bride

Choosing a wedding gown can be a very exciting time. However, for some it can be rather intimidating and stressful. Here are some tips to help relieve some of the stress, remove the intimidation factor and help you decide on the gown of your dreams.

What to Expect When Entering Our Boutique

Your First Look Inside Taylor's Bridal

While we can't speak for every bridal boutique, we can certainly speak for our own. When you enter Taylor's you will be greeted and asked to remove your shoes as we are a shoe free boutique. If you don't want to be bare foot, feel free to borrow a pair of complimentary slippers or flip flops. We do ask that all of our guests use a hand wipe to remove any oils or lotions from your hands. These precautions are taken as we do sell quite a few samples off the rack and we want to ensure that they are in excellent condition. You will then be asked to fill out a "Customer Profile Sheet." This sheet is to help us ensure you are getting the best service possible.

Once your sheet is filled out, your consultant will give you a brief explanation of the layout of the boutique, along with any promotions we may have going on. We allow you to take a look through the gowns and pull five to six gowns that you like and want to try on. If you would prefer that we pull gowns for you, just let us know and we will happily do so. We don't recommend pulling more then five to six gowns at a time because it can become stressful. It can be nice to take a break from the change room to peruse through and choose more gowns to try on, if you haven't already found the one. When you put on a gown it is usually easiest to step into the gown and pull it up, if you are having trouble pulling over your hips, then you can try putting it on over top of your head. If you can't get it on, don't try and force it, wedding gowns are fairly durable, but they are not invincible. If you want help getting into a gown, your consultant can help you or if you'd prefer a member of your entourages help that is okay too. We only ask that you allow us to do up the gown as this ensures that no damage comes to the gown. We have clips and techniques to help pull the gown in to give you a more accurate idea of how it will actually look on in the proper size.

Once the gown is on, we have you stand on a small podium and admire yourself in the mirror. If you like the gown, we pull it to the side and allow you to try on the next one. If you don't like the gown, it gets put away. There's no pressure to like every gown you try on. We recommend only keeping 3 gowns in your favourite pile at a time, otherwise it can get confusing. If you like one gown a bit more then another, then let us know and we will put the gown you like less back. Once you've tried on your first set of gowns, you can decide if you want to try your favourites back on or look for more.

Choosing A Size

Typically with bridal you will be one to two sizes roomier then what you usually wear. Bridal goes off of European sizing, rather then our standard North American sizing. However, this being said it is like anything else, it's best to try it on. While trying gowns on with the intent to order a gown in, try no to limit yourself to your size only. A consultant will be able to clip and hold a gown in to give you an idea of what it should look like in the proper size. When you're ready to order, the consultant will measure the fullest part of your bust, the smallest part of your waist and the fullest part of your hips. With these measurements we will be able to make a good recommendation for a size based off of the manufacturers size chart for your gown. When we make a recommendation, we will show you where you measure on the size chart and help you choose the best size for you and the style of gown you're ordering.

Will I Be Able To Find Something That Fits Me?

Every bridal boutique is different and we can really only speak for our boutique. Here at Taylor's, we carry bridal sizes 4 - 30 and have a variety of gowns for every bride's figure. It is 100% acceptable to ask a boutique what sizes they carry when you call or email to book an appointment.

What to Consider When Looking For The Right Gown

Left: Essense Of Australia D2770 Right: Stella York 6971

You Get To Decide What's Bridal

The idea of what's bridal and what's not is different for everyone. This is your gown and you are the one that will be wearing it, so you get to decide what is bridal. You may feel bridal in something unexpected, everyone is different. Choose the gown that you feel the most special in.

How Do You Want To Feel The Day Of?

Everyone has a different sense of how they want to look and feel the day of the wedding. For some brides they want to look and feel like a princess, while others want to look and feel sexy the day of. It is common to change your mind while trying on gowns, you never know what gown will catch you off guard. It is important to try on different styles. You may think you want to feel like a princess, but you've tried on a gown that makes you feel sexy and now your preferring that. Most importantly, you should feel like a bride and love how you feel in your wedding gown.

Grooms First Look

Groom Thought's

If they love you in your baggie old sweat pants and that t-shirt that you should have thrown out years ago, they'll love you in anything. You're supposed to feel the most beautiful on your wedding day and we're sure your fiance won't want you feeling anything less the gorgeous on the big day.

Your Opinion Matters Most