Bride's Night Before Checklist

There's so much to do and you feel like there is so little time and... PAUSE. Take a deep breath in and let it out. Tomorrow is the big day. You're marrying the person of your dreams. With a little preparation the day will go smoothly and you will be well on your way to happily ever after.

Depending on when your rehearsal dinner is it may be beneficial to get your, "to do list," out of the way before the rehearsal. Perhaps even a couple days in advance.

Eat A Healthy Dinner

Avoid the temptations of fatty and greasy foods. While these foods may seem comforting at the time, you may not feel so great in the morning. Plus you want to try and avoid anything that might make your skin break-out. Try eating a balanced meal and if needed treat yourself to a little something extra to help take the edge off. Of course we're talking about chocolate.

Drink In Moderation

You know your body better then anyone else. When you're celebrating it can be easy to get carried away. Set yourself a limit and switch to non-alcoholic or non-caffeinated drinks once you've reached your limit. Nobody enjoys a hangover, especially not when you have to visit with a lot of friends and relatives the next day. Plus you want to look your best in your photos.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the evening and keep a glass of water by your bedside. This is especially important if you're drinking with friends. You're going to busy tomorrow, but it's important to remember to take a moment to drink water the day of too. You don't want to feel ill or faint from dehydration.

Get Your Wallet Ready

You may have already paid everything up front or you may have a few bills lingering. Have your money ready and set them each aside in separately marked envelopes for every item you have left owing. You will probably have to pay the hair and makeup stylist the day of and tip the caterers, bar tenders and limo or taxi driver. Don't be afraid to delegate, once you've got the envelopes ready give them to a trusted person who will make sure the money will get where it needs to go. If you have scheduled payments for your vendors double check to make sure everything is set up. If you paid everything in advance, print and keep your receipts nearby in the event that there is a mix-up.

Pack Your Bags

Pack ahead. If you are staying somewhere on your wedding night pack your overnight bag before hand. You are going to be busy in the morning and you don't want to run the risk of forgetting something. You also don't want to forget your overnight bag. Pass it off to someone you trust or put it in the vehicle that you will be taking to your wedding night location. Any items that you may need during the reception, should be packed into a clutch the night before and handed off to a trusted bridesmaid. If you will be leaving for your honeymoon within 48 hours following your reception, have your bags packed and ready to go. This way you and your spouse can just relax and pack any final items before you leave for the honeymoon. This also cuts down on the, "Did I forget this panic?" at the airport.

Turn It Off.

Turn it off or silence your phone. If you're trying to get to sleep you don't want to deal with any last minute notifications disturbing your sleep. You could even pass your phone off to a trusted individual who can take calls and answer texts regarding last minute wedding details.

Stash An Emergency Kit

Put together a small emergency kit with items you may need. Hair pins, needle and thread, hair ties, ibuprofen, band aids, anything you think you may need. These tend to be the items that you forget about.

Do Something You Thoroughly Enjoy

Watch a movie that makes you laugh, read a book or take a bubble bath. Pick something that you enjoy doing that may help you relax if you are feeling anxious.

Assign A Pack Up Person

Assign a trusted person who can coordinate taking down and packing up of any decorations that you may be responsible for. This person would also be responsible for packing up any gifts and making sure that they arrive safely at your home.

Do Your Nightly Routine

Go through your regular nightly routine. Whatever your skin care regiment is that works for you, keep it up. Tonight is not the night to test out new products that you have never tried before. You don't want to run the risk of reacting to a new product and drying out your skin or causing a breakout.


This one is pretty easy, get in that last kiss with your fiance before the big day!

Get A Good Night Sleep

Take a few deep breaths and settle in for the night. That may be easier said then done. Everyone is different. For some you may fall asleep the moment you head hits the pillow. For others you may lay awake all night with anticipation of the following day. Either way you should try your best to get to bed in decent time. At the very least, crawl into bed and get under the covers. Make yourself comfortable and just relax.

Your Getting Married Tomorrow!

Most importantly remember why you are doing this. It's not about the flowers or cake, it's not even about the dress, it's because you love your partner. Congratulations on your wedding, it is going to be a beautiful day.

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